The Influence of Rawihi Al-Khammach on the Iraqi Music

A Thorough source to the Musician, Composer, and Teacher

We are proud to introduce our first edited book to our Arabic music lovers. This little clip encapsulates a little presentation of this only available source, a sort of encyclopédia of  Rawhi Al-Khammach and his complete artistic works. The book is available on demand.

“…it could be predicted whether a nation is progressing; he replied: “Nothing except their passion for music.” This saying indicates that music is an art, open to the aspirations of humanity being the finest and most complete form of art. a yardstick of human advancement and an underlying thrust of the growth, progress, and prosperity of societies. This is how music shares close bonds with other sciences, being a fundamental science itself whose importance has consistently occupied many scientists, philosophers, and researchers over the centuries…”

Extracted from The book

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