Iraqi Maqam – New Vision
 المقام العراقي – رؤية جديدة


With Maqamt Ensemble

Naseer Shamma is the Iraqi Oud player legend. Shamma is the UNESCO Artist for Peace and Goodwill Ambassador to the International Red Crescent and Red Cross Societies. He is also the founder of Bait Al Oud (Egypt, UAE, Iraq, Sudan). A world-renowned maestro, Shamma is a distinguished oud player who has received more than 60 awards around the globe and accolades and released many albums.

Anwar Abudragh is an Iraqi singer and composer. He is specialized in Iraqi Maqam and he also specializes in playing Joza (Traditional Iraqi Instrument). The Iraqi Maqam is more than a thousand years old and goes back to the Abbasid era (750 -1258) AC. Abudragh released many albums and he is the founder and director of Maqamat International Orchestra (MIO) and Maqamat International Academy of Arts and Heritage (MIAAH) in Mississauga, Canada.

Maqamat International Academy
of Art & Heritage (MIAAH)
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