The “Monocamera” module requires, in addition to the preparation of the scenes during the workshop on Saturday, an additional day of filming (time and place to be agreed), with a small team of technicians. The material produced will be edited by the editing class and a copy will be given to the participants of this exercise.

To be admitted to the “Monocamera” module it is necessary to have done the other two modules. However, these can be done in any order. Like any workshop, the modules can be redone until the complete acquisition of the work tools, which will be evaluated by the participant and me jointly. Similarly, the participant can leave the workshop once the running module has been completed. Although modules are a unit in itself, it is advisable to participate in the Workshop for one year to consolidate the achievements.

The workshop is intended for actors, directors and writers, both professional and beginners. The techniques we process are based on life itself and we therefore believe that the plurality of personal paths is a plus in our workshop. The working groups will be formed taking into account the different levels and objectives of the participants.

The workshop will take place every Saturday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and will start as soon as we have enough trainees. The price of each module: 2 monthly payments of 350 CAD or a single payment of 500 CAD (if paid at the latest on the first day of the module).

Please note that the single camera module requires an additional 300 CAD per person to realise the final product (turning, editing, technical team). Keep in mind that In order to be able to participate in a “Monocam” module, it is necessary to have made both theoretical approaches: American and Russian. However, participation is not automatic but requires my approval based on the level acquired. There must also be two other participants “Monocam” level to be able to form a group.




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