Creative and dynamic teaching professional highly skilled in a wide array of artistic mediums. Committed to fostering appreciation of the arts and promoting creativity and open-mindedness.

Wisam can provide professional instruction to a diverse population of participants in a little ones school, establishe and maintain effective relationships with participants, peers and parents. Can demonstrate use of a variety of art materials (tools, oils, watercolour, brushes, pencil, canvas, paper), provide guidance and assistance to participants as needed in order to ensure appropriate assimilation of the class content in an effort to support participants’ success and achievement, conduct evaluation for each participant’s specific assignments and can also arrange for exhibitions of participants work in and out of the workshop and even assist them in submitting their art to publishers…

A Strong History

Today he works as art teacher in Q-Learning Institute, Ontario-Mississauga. His job is to guide and help students increase their interesting of drawing, to help them learn and try various types of are medias, to guide them to present their mind with drawings, to help them understand their stories and to learn advanced art medias. His classes will apply different types of knowledge into arts. In Feb 2019-Jun2019, he worked as art Teacher in Frederick Panting International School, Ontario- Brampton, where he was responsible for providing students with the very best educational experience, he arranged and organized a student mural painted on one of the inside walls of the school. In Aug 2013, he worked in the Art Centre, Doha, Qatar, where he instructed students in art, such as painting, sketching, designing, and sculpturing, he established a positive classroom climate demonstrating efficient classroom management In Sep 2008-June 2011 he worked in Radhwanya School, Baghdad, Iraq, where he provided in-depth instructional experiences focusing on creativity and design, he proven professional track record of empowering students and teachers with programs to win awards in art exhibitions, contests, and partnerships throughout the community. In Oct 2005-Jul 2007 her worked in Art Institute, Iraq-Baghdad, where he explained and demonstrated artistic techniques focusing on different teaching techniques, he evaluated and graded students’ class work, projects, and assignments, he prepared course materials such as syllabi and homework assignments, he adapted teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students’ varying needs and interests In April 2017, he volunteered in as workshop facilitator in the Intercultural Centre, Bow Valley College, where he designed, and facilitated a calligraphy workshop for Bow Valley College students and staff, and he also made it possible for his work to be showcased at the Intercultural Centre.

Lessons & Workshops


Classroom Management | Student Motivation | Artistic Instruction | Interactive Learning | Differentiated Instruction |Visual Aids | Technology Integration


Painting & Drawing with acrylic, oil, watercolor, pastel, pencil, charcoal;
Pyrography on wood, on glass, and leather burning;
Hand Crafting, graving relief metal, jewelry design;
Graphic Design – (programs windows) adobe Photoshop; adobe premiere, adobe after effects, adobe illustrator (program Apple) final cut pro, motion, lifetab.

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