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ur Mission

Building the foundations for potential cultural bridges between Canada and the Arab world.

To this end, the MAQAMAT INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF ARTS & HERITAGE (MIAAH) will employ scientific and pragmatic methodologies focusing on Arabic arts, with a particular emphasis on the conception and production of music. The academy will delve into Arabic music theory, encompassing its analysis and practical elements such as scales, rhythms, tones, harmonies, and influences, as well as other facets of the Arab world’s musical traditions.

MIAAH is committed to collaboration with both governmental and non-governmental institutions across Canada. These institutions, actively engaged in traditional, classical, and contemporary music, encompass its techniques, tools, and curricula. The core objective of this initiative is to craft scientific studies and analytical reviews that explore the “differences and similarities” in musical notation, sound, and metrics between Canada and the Arab world. Subsequent phases will widen this scope to include global comparisons.

Furthermore, this initiative aims to foster scientific knowledge by conducting studies and research to locate ancient Arabic musical manuscripts at risk of being lost. The intention is to safeguard these treasures by reprinting and broadly redistributing them as integral components of the “World Artistic Heritage”. Among the goals of MIAAH are:

  • Promoting the cultural aspect of humankind by celebrating its arts, with the aim of attaining a high level of artistic knowledge through the release of original and unforetold intercultural productions, events, classes trainings, and more.

  • Organizing initiatives to promote Canada, its richly diverse cultures, and its endeavors in the realm of cultural exchanges with other countries around the world.

  • Developing and fostering connections and exchanges among Canadian artists, both residents and those from other parts of the world, with a particular focus on professional Arab artists.

  • Arranging debates and study groups on the works of specific Arab artists across all artistic disciplines, with the objective of raising awareness about their contributions and shedding light on the aspects of “the rights to expression derived from cultural minorities.”

Thanks to this expansive program, MIAAH aims to become an inclusive professional platform for the reception and exchange of theories and practices of musical and cultural expressions between Canada and the Arab world. It strives to be a distinctive space in Canada, serving as a Comprehensive Scientific Documentation Centre for Arabian Artistic and Musical Works, with the goal of recognizing, promoting, celebrating, and safeguarding this significant aspect of our shared human heritage.

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