Ud & piano in MIAAH

MIAAH was inaugurated in Canada, ‏Mississauga, Ontario in the year in 2022, and as soon as its doors were opened, various happenings between professional Arab artists were hosted. this little video represents one of them.

From within Maqamat International Academy Of Arts & Heritage of Canada, enjoy this moment of piano & Ud improvisation feathering the music author Zeid Dahrap and the singer and MIAAH director Anwar Abudragh. Join our classes to discover more about many famous Arab artists and their path towards fame. Many of them are teaching in our International Academy MIAAH, using very original and modern methods and pedagogy to make you learn and love your favourite instrument. Feel free to meet our artists and Trainers.

Maqamat International Academy
of Art & Heritage (MIAAH)
‏309 Queen St. South
‏Mississauga, Ontario


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