Group Classes

Our students learn to master the instrument or instruments of their choice, a bit of note reading techniques, the rhythm, and the ability to interpret music in their stylistically appropriate manners. With this said, we believe nevertheless that students who learn in a group, tend to develop so much more. We believe that the success of studying music in a group resides in

  • learning when to lead and when to provide support,
  • when to listen not only to oneself but to the other classmates playing,
  • how to work towards the well-being of the entire class, knowing that one’s personal success goes together with the success of the group. 

Add to this the fact that the friendship and camaraderie which will be built progressively with the other music students, will provide the members of the group with the necessary social abilities to continue their musical education for a longer time.





Our Academy provides all artistic disciplines in an international environment, with students from all over the globe. Please note that some of our disciplines are given on-site and others online. Please select the one you want to know more about, the trainers and their technics. We can’t wait to see you among our students.

In Our Classes, Students Learn So Much More Than Just Music.



Group Class is:

290 CAD 10H Course



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