Private Classes

At the start, students in both private and group classes learn certain skills which are considered to be the fundamental abilities to their future success as musicians.

Having to meet your trainer every week ensures you stay on track. Your trainer is the external motivator that forces you to practice. Our trainers have the know-how to detect your progress from lesson to lesson. They will share your progress and keep up your motivation and boost your confidence.

As you’ll be focused on a particular task you can’t focus on your multitasking. In this specific spot, it is your trainer who has the eye bird view of your playing and who therefore can give you the priceless feedback you need to progress. Slowly and thanks to the help of your trainer, you’ll become aware of what you missed or didn’t perform correctly, and you will learn to master the intonation and the rhythm. His accompaniment will serve you as reminders to help you cultivate the necessary awareness until your muscle memory finally kicks in to lead the way to your fingertips.



No need to say that, as a student, you naturally let your trainer guide you to focus on what matters the most, i.e. practicing and honing your skills. When the time comes, your trainer will advise you on your next tune to play or figure out what exercise will be the most helpful to you.

Another positive result of having a trainer is the downside of prerecorded online tutorials, cause having a trainer at hand illuminates the delay before you get the answer to your question. In your private lesson, you are lucky to have your answer right away, so you can progress better and faster.

Of course, there are times when your trainer needs to think about your question before giving you a fulsome answer, but that also makes learning fun because there’s some mystery involved. Finally, it is common knowledge that there’s nothing worse than being alone and in that respect, Ud players are few and far between. And this is where your trainer comes into play to bridge that gap, especially a trainer you resonate with and enjoy spending time with or feel is helping you get there.

In Our Classes, Students Learn So Much More Than Just Music.



Private Class is:

565 CAD 10H Course



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