Modern Dance

Introduced in the early 1900s and was seen as a rebellion against the highly technical forms of dance such as ballet. Today its is the genres for formally and highly trained dancers throughout the world. The modern dance is the spontaneous movements  as a self-expression supported by a strong connection between the mind and the body. Modern dance is a genre who is credited to specific choreographers that invent their own view of movement vocabularies and technics based on a personal philosophy. Despite the ressemblance that might be seen in term of movements between, Modern Dance, contemporary Dance and Lyrical dance, it is very important to keep in mind that the three of them got their own style, philosophy and music. Wile Contemporary dance usually means that it has been created recently, and is performed to contemporary music and Lyrical dance is most often performed to songs with lyrics, the Modern Dance can be all of that sometimes.

The Benefits of Modern Dance

It develops Creative Thinking

If training in general is the key to a good healthy and balanced life, then modern dance training specifically, is the open door to it. In fact dancing is creative thinking, the most wanted skill by employers.

It reduces the Stress

Both physical exercise and introspection help to alleviate stress, even on days of heavy blues. when students come to class totally gloomy, at the end of their dance cession they will be in a totally positive mood. This is the magical result of the endorphins produced by the dance class, that gives them a deep feeling of peace, well-being, and optimism. 


Modern dance training provides students ways to master their emotions and offers them the physical conditioning and training that will help them express those. It empowers them, offers them the creative verb to render their emotion and thought into a physical-voice that helps them express themselves, when words do not suffice. Therefore, we understand that the Modern Dance is the solution for shy students and students with learning disabilities, as it can help them build confidence and stop feeling invisible and unheard. 





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