Meet Mahmoud

An original and dynamic approach to teaching. Highly skilled artist in a wide array of mediums. Mahmod artistic works encapsulate a critical yet funny view of the world.


He can work with a diverse population of students to provide them with professional instructions. Mahmod is known to establish and maintain effective relationships with his students around the globe. The artist can demonstrate the use of a variety of art materials (tools, oils, watercolor, brushes, pencil, canvas, paper…), and provide guidance and assistance to students as needed in order to ensure appropriate assimilation of the class content…

A Strong History

Born in 1962 in the city of Hillah/Babylon, Iraq, where he did his first studies, then left to Kharkov (Ukraine) where he had his Master of Fine Arts from the Kharkov Fine Art Institute in 1997. Later he will go to Canada and then to Norway where he’ll be doing different jobs: Freelance painter and art instructor, present Arts Teacher, Special Art School, Illustrator and Designer of children’s books, Art teacher, Bronnysunds College, Norway…

He held various exhibitions from 1982 till today in different countries and places :
Toronto June- 2016/2017/2018 – Dubai 2014/2015 – Sharjah 2014 – Emirates – 2011/2012/2013/2014 – Abu Dhabi 2006 – Sharjah, U.A.E 2005/2006 – Norway 2000/2001 – Moscow 1998 – Ukraine 1973/1676/1997 – Iraq 1982/1984

Today Mahmoud lives in Canada. He is a Member of Art Connection, Toronto since 2017 and a Member of Emirates Fine Arts Society since 2006



The participants will learn to make a start in mixed media, improve their drawing and expand their creative thinking. Of course, practicing and trying the use of colors will be the main part of our course through a large emphasis will be put on drawing in a structured program of exercises with moments of demonstration, in order to provide the participants with a solid grounding in understanding materials and their combined visual powers.


Pencils, Sketchpad A3, Putty eraser and a normal eraser, sharpener with the barrel, oil hogs hair brushes, oil Paint Tubes.

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