As an artist, Khalid Wahal is constently seaking for ways to connect his personal history to the common one. His work is based on a deep phylosophical reflexion that connects Art to Existence.

Memories from Iraq, the country where he was born, the people, the history, his youth. By taking memory as an archive and starting point for his art he tries to take responsibility as an artist for the world around him.  He uses these archives as the start of his work and he tries to place them in a wider perspective.

 fist I search for those memories which are common, then I try to connect them with the world today, with my daily life and the world around me. Only then layers of meanings can develop within my work “.

A Strong History

Khalid had a very interesting itinerary:

He worked as freelancer graphic designer in Baghdad as well as in Amman, Jordan and Canada. He was a curator of Rafa Nasiri’s retrospective exhibition @ Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. He established an art studio and craft making, (WAHAL STUDIO). He held an Art workshops in Amman, Baghdad, Sharjah museum. He currently lives and works as a painter and graphic designer in London Ontario, Canada.

His work, together with other artists, has been exhibited in The Iraqi Museum of Modern Art, as well as in distinguished galleries in Jordan, Tunisia, Sharjah, Cyprus, Dubai, Turkey and Canada,

Solo Exhibitions
: Center of Modern Art, Baghdad,

1994: Nadar Art Gallery, Baghdad
2012: Dar Alanda Art Gallery, Amman,

Lessons & Workshops


The participants will learn to use their memories from the past, images from their beloved countries, with the people, their history. They will learn to take memories as a starting point for their art work then try to connect those with the world around them. In other words, they will discover a new way of creating, by placing these personnal archives in a wider perspective while using art as an expression.


The participants will use:

  • their memories from the past,
  • the images from their beloved countries,
  • the moments with the people,
  • their history.
  • different kind of material and colours


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