Passionate artist with many years of Photography, and graphic design experience. He designed many Slogans, posters, Catalogues with several International compagnies. He organised and worked in many personal exhibitions in the field of plastic arts in Iraq, Jordan, Dubai, Italy, Japan, Kuwait and Lebanon.

  • B.A. in Fine Arts, Baghdad University.
  • Diploma Advanced, Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario.
  • CS, In Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Digital photography, Press check and file preparation experience,

Owner of the first prize from the International Red Cross and much of the implementation of three Posters related to International peace.

A Strong History

In the year 1998 he worked as Art Director and Supervisor of the Plastic arts courses, where he coordinated all sorts of activities: artisticvseminars, supervision of the arts classes  such as painting, sculpture and ceramics, which were taught at the Amman Center in Jordan.

In 2002 he worked in AL-Moftah Magazine, specializing in the field of engineering and interior design, as Art Director then as artistic director of the Section. His work then was to coordinate and oversee the design and film processing and printing, in addition to the job of technical adviser of the Orfali art Center in  Amman, Jordan.

In the year 2004 he worked in Digital Color as the manager of the technical section, he coordinated and oversaw the design and advertising campaigns and film processing and printing quality, in addition to overseeing the magazine and publicity which was issued by the Company in Amman, Jordan.

Lessons & Workshops


As soon as you have the basics skills and able to handle your camera in Manual mode you are welcome to join the course for intermediate and our regular photography workshops. Duration: 6 hours in total. Maximum 6 students in a group. Gift certificates available. No age restrictions.

Course Tutorials:

  • All tutorials
  • Shutter Speed
  • Aperture
  • Textbook for the course


Digital camera with fully manual controls. Please bring all your lenses and external flashes if you have one. A tripod will be fine but not mandatory.


Sonn the dates and venues will be given here. Please come back later to discover them.

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