An award-winning visual artist and performing art creator, director and mentor. His work has been recognised by his peers, the City of Vancouver, the British Columbia Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Jabbar initiated a new art practice using multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural forms of art entitled ANU, in which he has involved an assembly of over 150 performers covering a span of 10 years. He has received recognition as an art student in Baghdad, where he was honored by exhibiting with his instructors in National exhibitions.

A Strong History

Jabbar Al Janabi has received recognition as an art student in Baghdad. He was honored by exhibiting with his instructors in National exhibitions between the years of 1984 through 1993. Here are some of the movies:

· 2017 Co-Star actor at the ABC production’s TV Drama series with Rob Moro and kiefer Sutherland.
· 2016 Screenplay, directorial vision and oversee for the short film (The Last Doors) won the third prize in the Baghdad Short Film Festival “same year”.
· 2014 Best actor and the Gold prize at the Baghdad Academy of Fine Arts Festival for the short film (Third Home) by Osama Alshatr.
· 2013 Film (Key) Main Actor and Screenplay by Amir Ehsan -has won three local and international awards.
· 2013 film ambulance driver / written and directed by Hadi Mahood a 2015 BBC film festival award winner- screened in local and international festivals.
· 2012 Robocop feature movie Hollywood / figure dialogue.
· 1010 The A-Team feature movie Hollywood acting with lines.



My method is built around the idea of having users not only observe and talk but also do acting. I’ve been using this method in several different workshops. The structure of the workshops is designed to enable the participants to learn through three steps: observing, expressing, and acting.

The workshop includes acting for cinema and it aims participants aged 15 to 51. The lucky chosen ones will receive the fundamentals of acting in front of the camera, and will learn why it is completely different from acting for theater or television! They will be taught how to use the form of the actor and the face, especially for the benefit of their assigned characters in the movie.

There will be practical applications: the distinguished ones will be presented to agents for international film productions.


We will be working with good cameras and lenses plus good lighting which of course is one of the most essential elements that will enable us to create real professional video outcomes.

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