Riqq, Daff, Dumbug

One of the most important instruments of Arabic percussion is the Riqq (see the top picture). It is a small drum on the handheld cymbal frame. The frame is usually made of wood (some aluminum models also exist) and has a diameter of 23 to 26 centimeters. The skin is traditionally from fish, though modern riqq uses plastic (mylar). The cymbals give the riqq its distinctive sound. They are made of brass (about 0.8 to 0.9 millimeters thick) and come in 5 (or 6) groups of four.

The Riqq can be used to play very complex rhythmic cycles and ornaments using an elaborate fingering technique. It can produce a very wide range of sounds thanks to its skin, wood frame, and cymbals. The Riqq is usually the only percussion instrument of the Takht (the traditional Arabic chamber orchestra) and the musician playing it is called dabet al-iqa‘ (‘the rhythm controller).





Frat Fadil Hussein was born in Baghdad.

Specializes in playing and teaching percussion instruments,

Got a diploma from The Baghdad Institute of Musical Studies.

Member of the Babylon Heritage Corps of Baghdad.

A member of the band Maqamat, which was founded by Anwar Abu Drag.

He participated in several Arab and global festivals and works very closely with the artist Nasser Sham.

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