Meet Fadi J.

As a dancer and choreographer, his innovative style showcases his life-long immersion in a world of dance forms. Every single dance performance of his is like a pure mirror of the soul where we are invited to witness the artist’s unique mix of experiences reflected.


Different from all what we know and see in the current dance scene, Fadi J. never stop to be the exuberantly evolving dancer. The grant he was Awarded by the Charles and Joan Gross Family Foundation, underscores both Fadi’s artistic achievements and broad cultural aspirations.

It was his successful collaboration with Sevin Ceviker in the year 2014, that inspired the artist to create his own company, and gave him the possibility to continue refining his very personal style.

A Strong History

Born in Baghdad, Iraq, his father who was the Director of the National Iraqi Ballet was also a dancer and a choreographer. Fadi grew up surrounded by the folkloric music and Arab dances and exposed to diverse Mesopotamian dances.

At the age of thirteen, Fadi went to Beirut, Lebanon where he learned classical ballet, folkloric dance, Modern, Jazz, and Ballroom. Soon after he will find himself at the age of seventeen dancing professionally with the Rahbani Musical Theatre, while studying at the Lebanese Fine Arts University.

His episode with the Caracalla Dance Theatre that started at the year 2005, will take him from the Middle East through North Africa to United States in 2009 where he was awarded a scholarship to further his ballet and modern dance training with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre in New York City and where he will have the opportunuty to collaborate with distinguished choreographers. As a result, he will toure the U.S. and Latin America with NY2Dance, and performe Nejla Yatkin’s “Oasis” and “Wall” dance theatre pieces.

Fadi will be placed first in the Top Teacher awards from Arthur Murray International from 2009 2013. No doubt that his multi-cultural background, versatility, and passion for dance allowed Fadi to establish himself  in Ballroom as lead instructor, dancer and choreographer at the Arthur Murray Dance Center in New York City.



The participants will be taught how using the fusion of dance genres, from classical ballet to ballroom, Middle Eastern to jazz will help them push the boundaries of styles and stereotypes in dance to finally devote the purity of human movement to the music.


The body as a tool to discover and enjoy the purity of the movements. We will use a fusion of styles from classical ballet to ballroom, Middle Eastern to jazz. Of course music is a must to create the desired atmosphere.

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