We all know the clarinet, you probaby heard in many classical compositions such as Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto, New Orleans jazz, played by Benny Goodman and many other great musicians. But where does this producer of dazzling sounds come from? And how did it become a popular instruments in the history of music?

The clarinet is simply an evolution of the “chalumeau”, a woodwind instrument equipped with single or double reeds. No coincidence then that the clarinet’s lower register is called the chalumeau! The instrument was used in many musical works, since centuries.

The clarinet was invented in the 17th century, by a German instrument maker from Nuremberg, named Johann Christoph Denner. It was in 1690 and after many years of hard labour, he unveiled a new instrument to the world. HE achieved that by adding a barrel and two keys to the chalumeau, thus allowing musicians to play on different registers. One key allows the player to go up a fifth, going from the chalumeau’s register to that of the clarion, while the other allows the musician to go even higher in the clarion register. The clarinet is one of the modern instruments used today in the Iraqi Maqam.





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