An Iraqi composer, vocalist, joza, and oud player, Anwar is renowned for his performances in the vocal urban tradition of Iraq, particularly the Iraqi maqam, which he also reinterprets with a fresh perspective (a new vision). Anwar is the founder and director of the “Maqamat International Academy of Arts and Heritage.”

Anwar received his education at the Institute of Music Studies in Baghdad, the Fine Arts College at the University of Baghdad, and at Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium. He has released eight albums that highlight his interpretations of the Iraqi maqam, his own compositions, and collaborations with international world music artists.

Anwar Abudragh has graced stages at esteemed international music festivals across the Arab world, Europe, and Asia.


A Strong History

Anwar has graced the stages of esteemed international music festivals across the Arab world, Europe, and Asia. He has collaborated with numerous European cultural institutions to champion and elevate Arabic music. This includes partnerships with BOZAR and Muziekpublique in Brussels, AMUZ in Antwerp, L’Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, and the Labyrinth in Greece. Furthermore, Abudragh is the founder and director of the “Maqamat” music initiative.

In his solo performances, Anwar showcases his prowess with the Joze and luth while singing in the maqam style. He also collaborates with diverse musical groups, embracing genres such as Jazz, Flamenco, Indian, Turkish, and Greek music. Among Anwar’s accolades are:

  • Founder & Director of the “Maqamat Ensemble”, established in 2006 | Brussels
  • Founder & Director of “Maqamat”, an Arabic music & Iraqi maqam school, since 2010 | Brussels
  • Founder & Director of the “Maqamat International Academy of Arts and Heritage”, Canada, since 2019.

Anwar Abu Dragh aims to rejuvenate the Iraqi maqam by grounding it in its classical tradition. He then seeks to enrich this foundation with the diverse musical influences he’s garnered from collaborating with groups from various backgrounds. His discography includes:

  • “Soufeait Alhamaion”, Self-release, Brussels [2000]
  • “Banks of the Two Rivers”, Centre Culturel Arabe, Brussels [2002]
  • “Maqam and Flamenco”, Centre Culturel Arabe, Brussels [2002]
  • “A Poem to Baghdad”, Centre Culturel Arabe, Brussels [2003]
  • “Songs from Iraqi Folklore”, Centre Culturel Arabe, Brussels [2004]
  • “Maqamatna”, self-release, Brussels [2010]
  • “Naseer Shamma & Anwar Abudragh with Maqamat Ensemble” (live concert), self-release, Brussels [2011]
  • “Collection of Maqams”, self-release, Brussels [2012]



My goal is to share my expertise in oriental traditional music, with a special focus on Maqam. In my classes, we will learn how to delve into Arabic music, exploring its modes, varied rhythms, styles, and ornaments. Participants will utilize my unique method, which I’ve employed across Europe and Arab nations, to master the lute…


We’ll primarily use the lute (oud), but we’ll also explore other instruments, such as the “Joza”, commonly used in classical Iraqi music. Additionally, we’ll incorporate the piano and percussion to add depth and richness to our workshops…

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