As far as I can recall, cinema and theatre have always been a part of my life.

From my earliest memories growing up in Casablanca, Morocco, cinema and theatre have been cornerstones of my life. Born in 1956, my introduction to film began at the tender age of six, a privilege afforded by my father’s close relationship with a local cinema theatre owner. As I grew, my passion expanded beyond mere viewership. During my secondary school years, I directed theatre plays and was a regular at the local youth house theatre, where my eldest brother showcased his talent. These experiences ignited a deep-seated passion for acting, directing, and envisioning a future immersed in the arts.

A Strong History

My journey led me to Belgium, where I enrolled at the UCL (Université Catholique de Louvain-La-Neuve). This period was marked by rich collaborations on various studies and adventures.

My involvement in numerous festivals brought me accolades and recognition. Beyond these achievements, I also contributed as a trainer for the European Union, orchestrating workshops across countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, South Africa, Canada, Malta, and New York.

However, amidst the diverse roles and experiences, what stands out is my role as a coach. I dedicated myself to preparing actors, honing their skills through focused scenes, enabling them to craft compelling characters for films and theatre. Over the years, I’ve fine-tuned my coaching methodology, creating tailored curriculums for various sectors, both public and private.

My expertise extends to assisting productions in casting the perfect actors using a sophisticated profile-matching tool I pioneered. Today, I offer private coaching to film and theatre actors, guide managers and top-tier administrators to amplify their leadership impact and collaborate with teams to enhance their synergy, emphasizing communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution.



 “My core philosophy as a coach is to see my work as a catalyst for unleashing an actor’s innate potential. This empowers them to elevate their performances to the highest level. My focus has always been on guiding their learning journey rather than merely giving instructions.


In my role, I infuse music into vacant spaces, presenting actors with varied scenarios. In these settings, they are inspired to improvise, resulting in distinctive and authentic expressions. They utilize their physicality, emotions, insights, and their “PURPOSE”. This final component is crucial in shaping their identity and aspirations.”


Using what I term the “POTL method”, the process unfolds in this order: actors enact, I watch, we engage in a dialogue, and they assimilate. This cycle epitomizes the “learn through practice” philosophy. This approach is deeply rooted in, and incorporates, the principles of renowned figures in the field, especially Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavski’s Method of Acting.

Naturally, every session commences with warm-up exercises. My go-to technique for these warm-ups is Biomechanics, an actor training system pioneered by Vsevolod Meyerhold.

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